Stem Cells For Emphysema

New Stem Cell Research Offers Insights into Novel Emphysema Therapies

[Quoted from the website of the National Emphysema Foundation]

A new study published in Respiratory Research, studied the impact of different mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in the treatment emphysema. Results indicate that lung and cardiovascular damage in research mice was reduced based on various types of MSC injections.

Researchers, who induced emphysema in mice, aimed to determine if injection of MSCs into various points of delivery, both intra-tracheal and intravenous, would reduce the lungs’ alveoli from becoming enlarged. This enlargement is often accompanied by a decrease in pulmonary regeneration, which can lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The study found that after the mice had been injected with stem cells from bone marrow, adipose and/or lung tissue, there were “increased elastic fiber content and reduced alveolar-capillary membrane,” which allows for the regeneration of damaged lung and cardiovascular tissue.

Although the study results illustrate the benefits of stem cell use in induced emphysema, the experiment has not been conducted on humans and there currently is not have a timetable for doing so. However, researchers expect to conduct further research comparing the effects of different MSC sources and routes of administration in an effort to increase therapeutic measures.

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