Erectile Dysfunction

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Stem Cells for Erectile Dysfunction

Depending on the root cause of the dysfunction, whether it may be nerve damage, tissue and/or blood vessel damage, or another underlying condition such as diabetes that is causing the dysfunction.  Stem cells with other nutrients are administered intravenously (IV) as well as transplanted directly to the area. This ensures that the stem cells reach  the desired area through the blood as well as locally wherever the blood doesn’t reach. We here at SCHI will address the root cause of the problem and treat the patient with adjunctive therapies in order to ensure a positive response to treatment, without simply just treating the symptoms which may result in recurrence of the erectile dysfunction if not addressed in an appropriate manner. We are dedicated to obtain the best results clinically possible for each individual patient and will address each individual patient as such.

Progress in researches on stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction 
[Article in Chinese]
Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue. 2009 Oct;15(10):937-40. Jiang YB1, Gou X.


Erectile dysfunction (ED) commonly results from endothelial dysfunction and erectile nerve damage. Recent researches have focused on the preclinical studies of stem cell-based therapies targeted at repairing penile endothelium and protecting erectile nerves. Early studies showed that stem cell- or gene-modified stem cell-based therapies may have enduring efficacy and eventually lead to a cure for ED. Such stem cells as embryonic, mesenchymal, muscle-derived and adipose-derived ones and endothelial progenitor cells all have differentiation potentials and obvious advantages in protecting and repairing both nervi erigentes and corpus cavernosum vascular endothelial cells. Stem cell-based therapies promise to be an effective approach to human erectile dysfunction.