SCHI – Stem Cells For Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases encompass a vast array of disorders in which an overactive immune system attacks its own cells and tissues leading to devastating consequences. In other words, your body damages and fights against itself. Researchers have identified greater than 100 different autoimmune diseases which are often chronic, debilitating and life threatening. Besides healing damaged tissues, stem cells have the unique ability to influence the immune system, shutting off pathological responses while preserving its ability to fight off disease. Stem cells and specifically, mesenchymal stem cells target and are attracted to inflamed tissue and start producing anti-inflammatory agents. Mesenchymal stem cells have the potential to induce the production of T regulatory cells, a type of immune cell whose function is to protect the body against immunological self-attack.…/SCHI—Stem-Cells-For-Autoinmune… #artritis #stemcelltherapy #stemcells #stemcelltransplant #stemcell #stemcelltreatment #arthritis #diabetes #diabetesmellitus #celulasmadre #guatemala #guatemalacity

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