Anti-Aging Compounding

Anti-Aging Compounding

The Anti-Aging Compounding Program

At SCHI we utilize 100% natural materials that are carefully combined by our experts into creams that address each patients’ particular needs. Our creams may be used to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, correct dark spots among other benefits. 

The creams we handle are:

  1. Day cream with high potency antioxidants
  2. Night cream with retinoic acid
  3. Eye creams 
  4. Toner 
  5. Natural hormone cream
  6. Sunscreen

Each cream is  tailored-made to your specific needs without preservatives with or without scent. Since each cream is made to order, there are some allergies that can be taken into account, as long as that information is passed on to our experts, they will work towards compounding a cream that lack the content to which you are allergic.